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Abbreviations Explained.

We know that our parts listings can sometimes be a bit confusing to the novice. The item descriptions are composed and uploaded by our computer which tends to abbreviate as much as possible. To help you to understand our listings a little better, we've made a glossary of terms which is listed below. We hope this helps you to understand our parts descriptions better. Of course, you can always call our helpful Parts Specialists toll free at: 1-877-330-2332 if you need additional help.

AT – Automatic Transmission

Cal – California Emissions

Canada mkt – Made for Canada

Conv – Convertible

Cpe – Coupe

Cyl – Cylinder

Eng – Engine

Exc – Except

Fed – Federal Emissions

HB – Hatchback

Lftbk – Liftback

LH – Left Side, Drivers Side

MT – Manual Transmission

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

RH – Right Side, Passengers Side

Sdn – Sedan

SW – Station

Thru – Up to and including

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

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