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Used BMW 540i Parts

For a couple generations now, the BMW 540i mid-sized luxury sedan has been the stuff dreams are made of. A popular executive ride, it commands attention and announces that the driver has achieved a certain station in life. Introduced in 1972, the 540i is now in its 6th generation. Since 2010 it has accounted for 50% of the marque’s revenue. Luxury cars are generally well-maintained, so it is not unusual to see a late model 540i on the road. These are cars that are handed down within families, and are popular in the used car marketplace as well.

To keep a 540i of any year in top condition, one need only contact Chuck and Eddies. Our three warehouses are filled with new and used parts, including used BMW 540i parts. Those who own and value their 540is, need not worry where to find parts for their vehicles. For over 70 years, Chuck and Eddie’s has been selling quality automotive parts to owners and the mechanics who repair them. In fact, we carry parts for nearly every make and model made in the United States, Europe and Asia in our well-stocked warehouses. In the event that we do not have the used BMW 540i parts you are seeking, we’ll source them and send them to you. Whether sourced or straight from one of our warehouses, your used BMW 540i parts will have been inspected twice and will carry our Six Month Parts Protection Warranty.

Peace of Mind and Quality Used BMW 540i Parts

We want you to be pleased with the part(s) you have ordered. If not, just return them for a full-refund plus postage. Since 1940 Chuck and Eddie’s has been the name to know for every automotive need. We’re known for our quality used auto parts, superior customer service, and our reputation for honesty which we earn daily, one satisfied customer at a time. Used automotive parts, however, are not the only reason to get to know us. We buy used vehicles and offer a recycling service as well.

If you are not certain which part(s) to order, we’re here to advise you as well.  When you’re ready to order, there are several ways to obtain the part(s) you need. You may order quality used BMW 540i parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s easy-to-use secure website. Or, if you’d prefer, speak with us through our LIVE Chat feature.

Out in your ride? Why not download our mobile iPhone and Android apps and order your used parts while on the go?  Click here to email us today or fax us at (860) 628-7013. Or simply pick up the phone and call us at (877) 330-2332 (M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST).

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