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Part of the Chevy lineup since 2011, the Orlando is a 5-door, multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), that comfortably seats 7. Manufactured in South Korea, South America, and Russia, the Orlando is exported worldwide. Now discontinued outside of the United States, the serviceable Orlando is a comfy, roomy, family-oriented vehicle that gets the job done without much fanfare.  It scores extremely well in both European and American safety tests, and sells well in the crowded minivan marketplace.

As you might expect from a car that was introduced at the New York Automotive Show sculpted entirely of Play Doh, this family-fun SUV is the main vehicle in many a household and cannot afford downtime. To keep it running reliably, get to know Chuck and Eddie’s for the used Chevrolet Orlando parts your primary car needs to get your family where they need to go. The good news is that for those who own or who service SUVs, Chuck and Eddie’s provides the ideal solution that keeps their Orlando on the road without negatively impacting their budget.
will find it for you and send it right to your door. Whether sourced or straight from our warehouses, your used Chevrolet Orlando parts will have been inspected twice and will carry our Six Month Parts Protection Warranty.

Peace of Mind and Quality Used Chevrolet Orlando Parts

 You have no cause for concern, ever. If you are not pleased with the part(s) you have ordered, just return them for a full refund plus postage. Since 1940 Chuck and Eddie’s has been the name to know for every automotive need. We’re known for our quality used auto parts, superior customer service and our reputation for honesty which we earn daily, one satisfied customer at a time. Used automotive parts, however, are not the only reason to get to know us. We also buy used vehicles and offer a recycling service as well.

How to Order Used Chevrolet Orlando Parts

But what if you are not certain which part(s) to order? We’re here to give you sound advice as well. When you’re ready to order, for your convenience there are several ways in which you can do so. You may order quality used Chevrolet Orlando parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s easy-to-use secure website. If you’d prefer, you can speak with us through our LIVE Chat feature.
mobile iPhone and Android apps for your cell.  Click here to email us or fax your request to us at (860) 628-7013 for a prompt response. If you’d prefer, just pick up the phone and call us at (877) 330-2332 (M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST).

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