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The Chrysler Cirrus was sold from 1999 until 2000 in the United States. Built on the JA platform, these 4-door sedans featured a notchback and were known in the industry as ‘cloud cars’ as various models were named for meteorological terms. The Cirrus offered front wheel drive, a transverse 4- or 6-cylinder engine, and a longer wheelbase to provide a roomier, more comfortable cabin. The revolutionary notchback design eliminated the three section (engine, passenger, and truck compartments) feel most cars up to that time had. It made for a smoother ride and greater fuel economy.

Today, Chryslers are even more affordable on the secondary market. They are also inexpensive to maintain, if you know about Chuck and Eddie’s. Do not be concerned, however, that parts for this popular model may be hard to come by. Just get to know Chuck and Eddie’s and never be concerned about locating new or used Chyrsler Cirrus parts again. Since 1940, we’ve provided quality, double-checked, warranteed used parts for almost every make and model from our three well-stocked Connecticut locations.

In the unlikely event that Chuck and Eddie’s does not have your part in stock, we will gladly source it for you and send it right to your door. Our parts have been inspected twice and will arrive ready to be installed in your Cirrus.

Our Quality Inspected Parts Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Not certain which parts to order? Just ask us! Our professional staff will be glad to assist. And, if your used Chyrsler Cirrus parts don’t meet your expectations, Chuck and Eddie’s will provide a replacement part or a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping fees. We make it easy to order from us! You may order quality used Chyrsler Cirrus parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s easy-to-use secure website. If you’d prefer, speak with us through our website’s LIVE Chat feature.

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