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Used Honda Prelude Parts

Used Honda Prelude Parts from 1985-2001

Honda Preludes were manufactured in Japan for decades, and Chuck and Eddie’s has used Honda Prelude parts from 1985 until their last year of production. If you own this sleek and sporty two-door coupé and would like to preserve its value or you repair or sell Preludes, Chuck and Eddie’s has high quality used Honda Prelude parts to fulfill your vehicle’s needs.

Whether you have a second or fifth generation Prelude, Chuck and Eddie’s can meet your auto parts requirements. From entire engine replacements to used 2, 3 and 5 speed-transmissions, alternators, hubcaps and more, every one of our Prelude parts are inspected multiple times before they leave our warehouse. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our used Honda Prelude parts are safe and will last mile after mile.

Chuck and Eddie’s are foremost experts in providing fast, reasonably priced, high quality used Honda Prelude parts. Visit any one of our three convenient locations or enjoy quick and affordable worldwide shipping. Because we have an enormous inventory, you can benefit from huge savings. Rest assured, parts for your sport compact car will arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition, at the peak of operation and ready to be installed in your Honda.

If you have any questions about what type of used Honda Prelude parts to order, our knowledgeable salespeople would be happy to help. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your parts are backed by a Six Month Parts Protection Warranty. If your purchase doesn’t meet expectation, Chuck and Eddie’s provide a replacement part or a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping fees. There’s no risk involved.

Our hassle-free website ordering form is simple and secure, so place order your used Honda Prelude parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s today. Or, email us at with any questions.

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