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While Lexus is renowned for its luxury sedans, since 1996 the marque has produced full-sized SUVs. Introduced as the Lexus LX450, the first generation was available for two years and featured a 4-speed automatic transmission. It was powered by a 4.5-liter, twin-cam, four-valve, in-line 6 that produced 215-hp and 275-lb/ft of torque. The LX450 won accolades but also had its detractors. J.D. Power lauded it for having the lowest number of problems during the first 90-days of ownership. However, other industry leaders noted its engine could not compare to other full-size SUVs, such as the Range Rover, so subsequent model years featured V-8 upgrades.

The Lexus LX450 was never an inexpensive vehicle to buy. It stickered at just under $50K when it debuted. However, current owners of any model year can keep their ride running well without breaking the bank if they order their new and used Lexus LX450 parts from Chuck and Eddie’s.

That’s why Chuck and Eddie’s is the name to know for quality used truck and auto parts. Since 1940, we have been providing quality, durable and dependable used automotive parts to dealerships, mechanics and vehicle owners. If the warehouses at our three locations in Connecticut do not yield the exact part(s) you are seeking, we’ll source it for you and send it right to your door.

Chuck and Eddie’s for Quality Used Lexus LX450 Parts

As you might realize, Chuck and Eddie’s is renowned for our customer service as well as the quality of our merchandise. Every part is double-checked before it leaves our warehouse and is backed by a Six Month Parts Protection Warranty. Should you not be 100% pleased with your purchase, returns are swift and we’ll provide a replacement part or a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping fees. There is no risk involved.

You may order quality used Lexus LX450 parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s easy-to-use secure website. If you’d prefer, speak with us through our website’s LIVE Chat feature. Out on the road? Just download our mobile iPhone and Android apps. Click here to email us today or fax us at (860) 628-7013. Or simply pick up the phone and call us at (877) 330-2332 (M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST).

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