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Used Mercedes-Benz 400 Parts

A Mercedes Benz of any vintage is prized and some may carry significant resale value. Other models are considered sturdy workhorses for decades after they were first sold. From 1992 until 1995 Mercedes Benz produced the 400 model. Like many marques, Mercedes Benz changed its naming convention in the mid-1990s, so that the Benz 400s are not actually gone, but now are available under their associated class designation, such as the E, C, or S-classes.  Always an upmarket ride, models from the Mercedes Benz 400 class of the 1990s have maintained a healthy resale, if not subject to being handed down within families. Styling remains sleek and eyecatching, and today’s models boast 329-hp and 20 mpg highway powered by a turbo V6.

For those who consider themselves fortunate to have obtained a 20-something Mercedes Benz 400 on the secondary market, a primary concern will be to keep their upscale ride’s maintainance costs reined in. This is not an issue if you or your mechanic know about Chuck and Eddie’s.  For those who wish their cars to be well maintained as economically as possible, there is Chuck and Eddie’s. We have three well-stocked warehouses of new and used auto parts for nearly every make and model including used Mercedes Benz 400 parts.

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Chuck and Eddie’s are foremost experts in providing fast, reasonably priced and optimally functional used auto and truck parts. Our expansive inventory allows our customers to benefit from big savings. Enjoy quick and affordable worldwide shipping and your auto parts will arrive at your doorstep in fully operational condition, ready for installation. If you’re unsure about what to order, Chuck and Eddie’s staff of knowledgeable salespeople can guide you towards selecting the right used Mercedes parts for your vehicle, saving you even more time and money.

Chuck and Eddie’s can meet all of your used Mercedes Benz 400 parts requirements quickly and economically. Since 1940, our customers have depended on us for all their auto parts and have enjoyed unmatched customer service as well. Check your order status whenever you like, get quick returns and know the security of knowing your parts are covered by a Six Month Parts Protection Warranty.

Maintain the overall and resale value of your vehicle by ordering your used Mercedes Benz 400 parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s. Use our secure website or order via our mobile apps today or email us at or use our convenient Live Chat feature for any questions that you may have.

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