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Used Nissan 810 Maxima Parts from Chuck and Eddie’s

In 1977 the Nissan 810 Maxima became the first Japanese car to compete with both the best equipped mid-size American sedans, and the top European makes such as Volvo. While the Nissan Maxima is still going strong, the 810 was quietly retired in 1982. The one thing that the 810 models apparently lacked was great styling. That oversight was remedied in 1982 and with it, the 810 devolved into obscurity.

If you own one of these ground-breaking ugly ducklings you know that beauty is more that chassis deep. Even if your first- or second-generation 810 Maxima has become your station car, you know it will continue to run reliably and safely with used parts from Chuck and Eddies.

When you opt to purchase your used Nissan 810 Maxima parts from Chuck and Eddie's, you're also choosing quality and service. For seven decades, we've been helping automotive customers -whether car owners, repair shops, or dealerships- obtain safe, functional used Nissan Maxima parts and parts for almost all other vehicles.

Chuck and Eddie's has three Connecticut warehouses that are full of tested parts, including used Nissan Maxima parts. By maintaining such a large inventory, we can pass the savings along to you. We carry everything from used engines to used hubcaps. We'll even track down body parts, trim, and other pieces at your request. Each vehicle and item is carefully organized and cataloged to make searches for used parts for your vehicle super-efficient. If you can’t find what you need on our site, give us a call today or submit a request by clicking here.

Reliable, Low Cost Used Nissan 810 Maxima Parts from Chuck and Eddie’s

Use our secure website to place orders, check their status, and process returns. On the go? Download our mobile app and shop for used Nissan Maxima parts from your mobile device. Need a little human interaction? Feel free to reach out by emailing You can even chat with a knowledgeable salesperson online for immediate assistance.

Speaking of returns, because we double-check each part before we ship it to you, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to send something back. Our six-month parts protection warranty covers your purchase. However, if you receive used Nissan 810 Maxima parts that aren't quite what you needed, we make the process as painless as possible. You'll get a replacement part or a full refund plus your shipping costs.

Buy your used vehicle parts from Chuck and Eddie's. You won't be disappointed.

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