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Marketed from 1972 through 1979, this popular subcompact was essentially, a rebadged Chevy Vega. It was designed to appeal to those in the entry level market who did not wish to purchase a used vehicle. As such it was marketed to twenty-somethings and young families.There are not a great number of Pontiac Astres on the road today. For those who do have one as a hand-me down ride or reliable station car, might be wondering where you’ll find quality used Pontiac Astre parts when you need them.

If you own an Astre and do not want this econo-car becoming a high-maintenance nightmare, get to know Chuck and Eddie’s. Many Pontiac Astres are still racking up mileage nationwide. They can remain roadworthy for years to come if their owners and mechanics know about Chuck and Eddie’s. Pontiac owners are a loyal bunch and want their rides to operate optimally yet economically. That’s where Chuck and Eddie’s comes in. For over 75 years our customers have depended on us to provide quality, twice-inspected and warranteed used parts for their vehicles. And we have: from their engines to their tailpipes, chances are we have the used Pontiac Astre parts your machine requires.

Chuck and Eddie’s has been in business since 1940. We take pride in selling the best used car parts available. No other used car part company puts every item that they sell through performance and safety tests prior to being sold. This is why car owners, car dealers, and repair shops come to us. With three warehouses full of carefully catalogued used parts, we’re bound to have the used Pontiac parts that you are looking for. If we don’t have them here, we’ll find them for you.

Stress Free Used Pontiac Astre Parts Purchases

When you buy parts from Chuck and Eddie’s, do so with complete confidence. Aside from our quality and performance testing, we have a six-month parts protection warranty. If your used Pontiac Astre parts aren’t exactly what you needed, you'll get a replacement part or a full refund plus your shipping costs.

If you can’t find what you need on our website, give us a call, email us at, or submit a parts request by clicking here. Use our secure site and if you like use our LIVE Chat feature. Or if you’re on the road, use one of our mobile iPhone and Android apps. In the area? Stop into one of our Connecticut warehouses, located in Hartford, Plantsville, and New Haven. With all these options, what are you waiting for?

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