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The Renault Medallion, if not the Renault itself, may not even be a distant memory to most drivers. The marque originated in France in the early 20th century, and continues today. During the late 1980s, a collaboration between AMC and Renault produced the Medallion, a compact sedan that had sold well in Europe. The Medallion offered what the American public wanted, a five-seater with front wheel drive and fuel economy. However Chrysler soon acquired AMC and felt there was no place for the car in its lineup. Rebadged as the AMC Eagle, the remaining Medallions were phased out by 1990 when their surplus was sold.

The car offered few innovations, but seating for five adults and the option for two children was new to the American market. Also, the use of aluminum for the engine as well as some chassis parts are perhaps why there are a number of well-preserved Renault Medallions on the road today. If you happen to own one of these automotive paragons, you’ll doubtless value its MPG as well as its structural integrity. Chuck and Eddie’s can help you keep your ride road ready even on a tight budget.

Just get to know Chuck and Eddie’s and never be concerned about locating new or used Renault Medallion parts. Since 1940, we’ve provided quality, double-checked, warranteed used parts for almost every make and model from our three well-stocked Connecticut locations.

In the unlikely event that Chuck and Eddie’s does not have your part in stock, we will gladly source it for you and send it right to your door. Our parts have been inspected twice and will arrive ready to be installed in your Renault.

Our Quality Inspected Parts Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Not certain which parts to order? Just ask us! Our professional staff will be glad to assist. And, if your Medallion parts don’t meet your expectations, Chuck and Eddie’s will provide a replacement part or a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping fees. We make it easy to order from us! You may order quality used Renault Medallion parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s easy-to-use secure website. If you’d prefer, speak with us through our website’s LIVE Chat feature.

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