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Used Volkswagen Phaeton Parts

A Volkswagen for the 1%, the Phaeton, named for the ancient Greek sun god, is a luxury car that was introduced in 2002. The Phaeton had over 100 patented features and shared a platform with several Bentley models as well. Its cabin was intended to provide the most luxurious appointments and amenities, including an intuitive 'infotainment’ system unlike any other. Regrettably, the chassis was almost identical to far more humble Passat, adding to VW’s marketing dilemma that the luxury market was not interested in an offering by 'the people’s wagon’ manufacturer. The Phaeton set in 2010, a victim of consumer perception and inept marketing.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to drive a Phaeton, however, knows that buying quality used parts from Chuck and Eddie’s will keep their ride looking luxurious, but on a shoestring budget. In the event that quality used Volkswagen Phaeton parts might be tricky to locate, no worries. No part, no problem! If we do not carry the part that your Phaeton requires, Chuck and Eddie’s will find it and ship it to you!

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Chuck and Eddie’s are the leading experts in providing fast, reasonably priced and optimally functional used Volkswagen Phaeton parts. Our expansive inventory allows our customers to benefit from great savings, too. Enjoy quick and affordable worldwide shipping. Your used parts will arrive at your doorstep in fully operational condition, ready for installation. If you’re unsure about what parts to order, Chuck and Eddie’s staff of knowledgeable salespeople can guide you towards selecting the right used Volkswagen parts for your Phaeton, saving you even more time and money.

Chuck and Eddie’s can meet all of your used Volkswagen Phaeton parts requirements quickly and economically. Since 1940, our customers have depended on us for all their used auto parts and have enjoyed unmatched customer service as well. Check your order status whenever you like, receive quick returns and have the security of knowing your parts are covered by a Six Month Parts Protection Warranty.

Chuck and Eddie’s is not only your best source for quality new and used automotive parts. We also provide scrap metal recycling and junk car removal services.

Maintain the overall and resale value of your vehicle by ordering your used Volkswagen Phaeton parts online from Chuck and Eddie’s. Use our secure website or order via our mobile apps today or click here to email us today. You may also use our convenient Live Chat feature, fax us at (860) 628-7013 or just pick up the phone and call between 8:00 AM 'til 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday at (877) 330-2332.

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