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Six Month Warranty Policy

We know that there's a certain amount of risk involved in purchasing used parts. Here at Chuck and Eddie's we make sure that each part is inspected at least twice before it leaves our warehouse. Most of the time, our parts last a good long time, but every once in a while a part will fail.

We want to make sure our customers get their money's worth. That's why we offer a FULL SIX MONTH WARRANTY* on each and every in-stock part on

If a part you purchase from us on the website fails within the first six months of ownership, we will provide a replacement (if available) or full refund of the purchase price AND shipping fees. We will sometimes ask for verification of the defect from the mechanic who installed the part and in some cases we will ask for a photo of the failed part. Once we have documentation that the part is bad, we will issue the replacement or refund right away.

Warranty period begins on the day you purchase the part. Customers should report any issues to Please include your name, order number and a brief description of the problem. A representative will respond within 24 hours (usually much sooner).

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR USED TRANSMISSIONS AND ENGINES: You must replace ALL SEALS AND GASKETS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION WHETHER YOU FEEL THE ENGINE OR TRANSMISSION NEEDS IT OR NOT (they always will need them to insure a sealed system). Failure to follow this directive will result in your warranty being voided. Transmissions and engines are shipped "dry" (all fluids have been drained). Do not attempt to operate before replacing fluids and filters.

We value our customers and will do everything we can to help you keep your car running strong and long.

*Warranty is limited to replacement or refund of purchased item. We do NOT offer reimbursement of mechanics fees or other labor charges you may incur.


Parts must be installed by a licensed Mechanic. Any warranty claims must include a signed statement from the professional who did the initial installation. The statement must be presented on the mechanic's letterhead and must include his/her license number. The statement must include diagnosis of the part in question along with the Mechanic's recommendations. A copy of the original sales receipt is also required. Warranty claims without the information above will not be considered.

*Warranty period may differ on parts that are special ordered.

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